Sumo Suits- Perfect Idea for Winter Parties!

If you are organsing a party or event in winter then sumo suits are pretty much the best option for an amusement or activity!

The rain might fall, the night could be cold, but sumo wrestling can still make your event a huge success!

Here’s four reasons why:

– Sumo suits can be setup inside if it rains. Unlike other amusements they are more compact so can easily fit into a games room, double garage or under a patio. You can also start with them outside if you prefer, and easily drag them undercover yourselves if it starts to rain.

– No electric motor required. Most inflatable amusements have an electric motor to keep it inflated… so even if it sprinkles with rain it can be dangerous. Sumo suits are pre-padded with foam so no motor is required. If it sprinkles with rain, everyone is still safe!

– It get’s hot inside sumo suits! It’s really fun, but can be hot! This makes winter the perfect opportunity to have sumo suits as a feature for your party.

– Cheap prices! Less people hold parties over winter so we reward those who do by offering great discounts on our sumo hire packages. We would rather that all our hire stock is out providing entertainment at parties than staying in storage over winter!

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