Sumo Suits For Different Ages

We are often asked “What size sumo suits will I need to hire for our age group?”

Here is a quick run down of what you need to know:

– From 0-4 years we recommend trying something other than sumo suits.

– From 5-12 years we recommend our child size sumo suits.

– From 12 years up to the big burley blokes we recommend our adult size sumo suits. For sure, 12 year olds will find the sumo suits much bigger than giant men, but the whole idea of sumo suits is that they are big anyway!

– We choose only to hire out JUMBO size sumos, whether they be the kids or adults design. Some companies have adult size sumos that are a medium size, as well as Jumbo… But out experience is that everyone wants Jumbo size, so that’s all we have!

– If you have a large number of both children and adults attending your event, as us to do you a special deal so that you can hire both sizes.

– If you are having mainly adults, then with a little help from the ‘grown ups’ the kids will be able to have a turn in the sumo suits. Similarly, if you are having mainly kids at the event then most adults can squeeze the kids sumo suits on to have a quick turn themselves… as long as they take it easy!

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