Sumo Suit Wrestling Safety Tips

In our experience, sumo suit hire is very safe… in fact, in a previous blog post we made the case that it’s safer than a game of soccer or jumping on a bouncy castle!

However, to maximize safety you should observe the following requirements (and advise you guests of these too)….

1. Setup the sumo suits away from windows and poles

2. Setup the sumo suits away from swimming pools and deep water

3. Only wrestle on the padded mats

4. Pair participants against opponents or same gender and body size

5. Refrain from boxing or head and neck contact… sumo wrestling is about body bumping and body grabbing, not about delivering ‘blows’

6. Ensure that only the two people wearing the sumo suits are the ones wrestling

7. Ensure that no glass wear or other items as brought onto the wrestling area

8. Only wear the sumo suits on the playing area

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