Ideas and Formats for Sumo Matches

When it comes to sumo suit hire everyone gets the general idea… Two people dress up in the padded sumo suits and wrestle each other.

But… how should you run some kind of tournament or competition?

To start with, we recommend that when two people put on the sumos suits, those two people play the ‘best of three’ rounds to decide on the winner. Sometimes just one round is over too quickly, so three works well.

We recommend three types of tournaments:

1) KNOCK OUT: Create a basic sheet for people to add the name of themselves and the person they will wrestle. The winner of the two people will advance to the next round, but the person that looses is ‘knocked out.’ Keep following this format until you can have a grand final with the the last two sumo wrestlers remaining.

2) CHALLENGE THE CHAMP: Any two people can put the sumo suits on first and wrestle in order to establish the first ‘champ.’ This person stays for the next round to face a new challenger. The winner of every challenge always remains as the champ.

3) ROUND ROBIN: This format does take the most organizing and the most preparation. It will require you to establish in advance who is going to compete, and the creating a fixture for people to wrestle other competitors and gain points for any rounds that they win. This works well if you have a small number of people but want the tournament to last a lengthy period.

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Happy sumo wrestling!