How to Use Sumo Suits to Super Size Your Next Corporate Event

Have your staff been working hard to hit targets or KPIs? Perhaps sales are down, and your staff need a boost. Do you have a conference coming up and believe that it can’t all be about work? No matter what’s going on, let’s super size your next corporate function.

In this post I’ll present two amazing ideas to super size any session or corporate function. Ever thought about super awesome Sumo Suits or what about murder mystery games?

1) Sumo Suits

The most fun you can have with a suit on. Your guests wear an extremely comfortable Sumo Suit. In true Japanese rikishi style, your colleagues will battle it out in the Sumo tradition. The Sumo Suit adds an awesome element to any function. The suits allow guests of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to participate and have safe fun!

Break time – Is a conference or training day on the way? When concentrating for hours indoors, the CO2 builds up, participants get drowsy, and the heart doesn’t get enough blood to the brain. If you need to develop your next marketing strategy, or plan the push into Asia, then you need your staff thinking straight and ready for action. Break up the day with a round of Sumo wrestling. Lots of research supports the idea that extra oxygen is required to fuel creativity. Sumo wrestling will get your staff moving and the blood flowing. You can play it outside where there is extra oxygen, and your guests that aren’t wrestling will be laughing.  This draws in huge amounts of O2 into the body.

Heaps of fun – Ever heard of bulldust bingo? Games like these are often invented because training days can be very boring. I know there are times when you just have to talk about the new corporate vision. Well, talk and then energise and have some fun with Sumo Suits.

Very safe – The padded suits and helmets mean that there is no chance for injury.  The suit breaks any fall and absorbs all the energy. The suit takes away all the risk but leaves all the fun behind.

Get some exercise – Once staff sit down at a conference it can be hard to get them up again. You won’t have to ask twice with Sumo Suits. They are naturally motivating, and your staff will be chomping at the bit to give it a go.

Something different – Do you hear grumbles from staff that training days are a drag? I am confident that your staff have not tried Sum wrestling before. Positive feedback from the staff could mean a promotion for you! I think we get a 10% commission on any Sumo related promotions.

All fitness levels – Your staff can choose how they want to get involved. The bouts are short and staff can have 1 go or 10. Other staff will talk, engage, laugh and the positive impact of Sumo Suits is huge.

2) Murder Mystery Games

Sumo Suits are a great way to break up your event. If you want to super size your event with something that goes for round 2.5 hours then murder mystery games would be the go.

We think you should do both. Energise your staff with Sum Suits during the day and then hold a murder mystery game at night.

Lots of fun – A murder mystery can really break the ice and bring your staff out of their shell. Laughter, finger pointing, sleuthing and detective work are a lot of fun.

Develop teamwork – The game puts your guests into small groups. Your guests have to work together to solve the crime. Better teamwork leads to better sleuthing.

Ice breaker – Sometimes staff can get a little cliquey. This can stop departments from cooperating as well as they should. A murder mystery game gets staff to mingle, trade clues and work together.

Improved communication – There is some public speaking involved, but only if guests want to. Staff talk, negotiate, sleuth and present their findings.


Don’t just run the same old training day next time. Super charge your event with Fatboy Slam Sumo Suits and a murder mystery game.

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