A Great Alternative to a Jumping Castle

This week I watched as a neighbor had a jumping castle on their front lawn for a birthday celebration.

Sure, it looked like they were having fun, but watching them reminded me of the significant benefits of sumo suits instead of both child and adult jumping castles.

Firstly, the few people on the jumping castle at any one time seemed to enjoy themselves, but people who were lined up waiting were totally bored! Let’s face it, it’s fun to be on, but not really to watch! Sumo suits, on the other hand, are hilarious to be in yourself, and to watch. They end up entertaining a large group of people for hours, regardless of whether or not you’re the one wrestling.

Secondary, as the day got hotter I watched as people decided against going on the jumping castle. I assume that the plastic became way too hot to stand on. If only they had sumo suits, they could have dragged everything under the patio and kept going!!

So, if you were planning on a child or adult jumping castle, why not considering sumo suit hire instead?

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