Beware of the Little Guys

We’ve noticed lately that a few people seem to have bought some cheap sumo suits from oversees and are advertising cheap sumo suit hire…. Particularly cheap sumo suit hire in Adelaide.

Of course, competition is a great thing, and we aren’t afraid to keep our prices low at Fatboy Slam Sumo Suit Hire. However, we encourage prospective hirers to be very weary of companies that aren’t legitimate. No only will their sumo suits be flimsy and potentially unsafe, they are unlikely to be able to offer essential services such as public liability insurance protection.

Especially if you are after sumo suit hire in Adelaide… Beware of the little guys!

Surely when you want to hire a car you don’t just look for a stranger who’s got a spare car they can hire you for a quick cash transaction?

To get a simple list of what you should ask any sumo suit hire company download our ‘FREE REPORT’ available from the Fatboy Slam website

We hope this helps people in all parts of Australia, but especially those wanting to sumo suits hire in Adelaide!

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